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1.     Be Relevant: Successful marketing isn’t just about what you say; it’s about how it lands on your audience. In order to find success, always be aware of your competition,   analyze your services, and evaluate each decision. Painting a clear picture to your consumer is very important in order to be relevant.

2.     Stand Out: Many brides and grooms will hear the same thing from different companies, so marketing your brand to stand out from your competitors is important. There are many great ways to stand out from your competition, such as: address the main points of your service, present your offer as powerful as possible, and create a memorable message. Be a trend setter - don't be afraid to take a chance and try something new. Trends are always evolving and it's fun to switch up your routine. 

3.     Your Message: Be more aware of how your message is being received by your consumer. This is important because it helps you earn new business, it helps you earn referrals and it strengthens your service offerings. In order to be aware of how your message is being received, considering everyone is your target market is very important. Also, make sure your message is very clear and direct.

4.     Marketing: Before marketing your brand there are key things to consider, such as: think critically, do your homework, avoid assumptions and build relationships. These steps are very important for finding success in your marketing journey. Avoiding assumption contributes to avoiding discrimination and sending the wrong message. Avoid always saying "Bride" and instead practice couple inclusivity and marriage equality.

5.     Target Consumers: Be aware of your target market. 80% of today’s marrying couples are Millennials, those who were born between 1982-1996. There are many techniques for marketing towards this generation, such as: Present deals - this generation is always looking for the best budgeting opportunity. Our main target market, such as Millennials, value authenticity, and diversity. Also, they prefer brands with a cause/shared value. With this information, you can assure your marketing techniques also values authenticity, diversity and equality.

6.      Technology - Couple are looking to do research before even contacting you. How recent is the content on your website? How often do you post on ALL social media channels? Is it easy to find your contact information? Listing frequently asked questions and tips will go a long way. If you have the capacity for it - install a chat feature on your website. Even email has become a form of communication that is too formal for couples. If you can casually chat about your products and services, they will feel more comfortable moving forward with you. 

7.     Communicate! - The Millennial generation craves knowledge instantly. They want us to have information and pricing that is easy to find and readily available. Price was given a 92% importance ranking when couples are deciding on a vendor. Responsiveness was given a 51% on the importance scale. Writing a simple email and attaching information is simple! Taking too long to respond to a request can really hinder your chances among your competition. 

8.     Grow and Expand: In order to target more couples, continuously ask yourself: “Who do you serve?” “Who aren’t you serving?” “Who is determining who you serve?” and “Who else might you serve?” By using this technique, you assure that your message is relevant, and you are catering and marketing to the correct target market.

9.     Help Your Clients - The top 5 biggest challenges for couples getting married:

    A. Determining budget and guest size

    B. Making decisions

    C. Keeping track on expenses

    D. Knowing you’re on the right track with planning

    E. Finding vendors

10.  Establish Trust: Steps to earning trust with your clients

    A.     Let them know that you see them and understand their needs.

    B.     Assure they are welcomed and comfortable.

    C.     Always ask them “How can I help you?”

    D.     Follow that up with “Here is what I can offer you.”

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